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Ticket Helpdesk

For questions regarding the event or your tickets, please use the link to the Customer Portal in your confirmation e-mail containing your tickets.

Do you have questions about ordering tickets? Please find an answer to your question in the FAQ below or use the contact form.

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Didn't receive your e-ticket? Enter you e-mail address used for your order and we will send you all your active tickets.


I have ordered and paid for e-tickets, but did not receive a confirmation mail from Link2Ticket.
It is possible your provider or e-mail client falsely marked your confirmation e-mail as spam. Please check your spamfolder. Didn't find your confirmation e-mail? Fill out your email address above and receive your tickets immmediately.
When I print my tickets, the barcode and my personal information is missing on the ticket?
Your Adobe Reader is not working properly. Install Adobe Reader again to solve this. A link to the Adobe Reader download page can be found in our confirmation e-mail.
My confirmation mail contains two attachments, being E-tickets.pdf and M-ticket.gif. Which one should I print and bring to the event?
You can use the M-tickets in case you received them on your mobile phone. Show the M-ticket(s) at he venue entrance. If you do not have your M-ticket available, or prefer to print out your ticket, please use the E-ticket in PDF format.
I don't have a printer, can I order tickets anyway?
You don't need a printer to order tickets. Your tickets will be sent by e-mail in a PDF file and as a mobile compatible image. Show your tickets at the venue entrance. Most events allow you to receive your tickets by SMS. You will receive a web link to your tickets. In case you don't have internet on your mobile phone, there is another solution: forward the confirmation mail to friends/family/office and have your ticket printed there!
My tickets do not contain any barcodes, is this correct?
Link2Ticket does not use the old fashioned barcode, but works with the more advanced QR-code (2D barcode). Please make sure this square code will be clearly visible on your paper ticket or mobile phone.

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